Throwback Thursday, flashback Friday, whatever. So surprising, I found a Nooda crunch in a convenience store earlier. I thought it’s been extinct. Haha. #childhood

Throwback Thursday, flashback Friday, whatever. So surprising, I found a Nooda crunch in a convenience store earlier. I thought it’s been extinct. Haha. #childhood

The best part of the training is being able to eat almost anytime. Haha :)

The best part of the training is being able to eat almost anytime. Haha :)

Happy first birthday to my first nephew! You grow up so swift!!

Happy first birthday to my first nephew! You grow up so swift!!

John Lang Sa Tabi turned 4 today! Happy birthday to my blog!! :))

John Lang Sa Tabi turned 4 today! Happy birthday to my blog!! :))


I am not the type who broadcasts my problems on the internet. I keep all my thoughts in my head…and in my heart. Whenever something saddens me, I just endure it until I don’t feel it anymore. You may get a hint and think, “Yeah, he’s sad.” but you can never find out what’s bothering me.

I am not the type who says, “Hey guys, I have a problem.” and that I need someone to talk to. I still believe that there will be people who will ask me privately and try to find out my problem. i believe I still have true friends who care about me and would mind to listen to my dramas.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who will ask you about your problem, give you advice, and crack jokes to make you smile, at least for once. And now I will say it, I need someone…like me. Someone I can hardly find.

Trying to look back, you’ll realize that there really are memories that don’t fade and people you can’t forget.


"If I came here for the likes, I should have left right after joining."

I don’t know. People nowadays, especially those younger ones, seem to have joined Facebook for the likes. Changing your profile photo on the average of unlimited times per week… Duh. What’s that for? I do change my display photo from time to time, post a couple of self-portraits, but it’s actually fine with me whether I get 205 likes or a non-sense 1 comment…by myself.

There are people out there who goes inside a comfort room and gets out of it with 75 “selfies”. Aside from me thinking that I’m ugly and extraordinarily not photogenic, I really can’t stand taking so much selfies because I don’t think people would appreciate that. Well, forgive me for being vain (and conceited) when I was still in high school.

Ya know, I joined Facebook in February of 2009, and posted photos (of me) and didn’t care about getting “appreciated” at all because that time “liking” a photo isn’t really a big deal. If I came here for the likes, I should have left right after joining. I signed up for a Facebook account to connect to some people, and not to become famous.

Funny, I have uploaded two albums worth of photos of my four-day Korea trip in December of 2009 and barely got 10 likes, for both albums. Just recently, I posted a photo of the custards I made (out of boredom) and received quite a number of feedback and 20 likes. I never thought people would appreciate me making desserts than having a fun trip out of the country.

"Thanks sa likes.” I have said this a couple of times, too. But hell, why do you have to thank everyONE who liked your post?

"Thank you sa like Cedie!" "Thank you sa like Sarah!" "Thank you sa like Julio!" "Thank you sa like Julia!" "Thank you sa like Yolanda." C’mon. One simple "Thanks!" would be attention-seeking enough. And yes, this paragraph is somehow BCWMH inspired. IYKWIM.

This is why I am actually not a fan of these whoever-gets-the-most-number-of-likes-wins type of contests on Facebook. Once upon a time in my college life I needed to promote a Facebook fan page because whoever gets the most likes (among all the groups in class) gets a 100. Amazingly, we (my group) got the least number of likes. See. Amazing.

I won’t be hypocrite, though. It flatters me a lot to receive “likes” for my photo. “Uy ang saya, ang daming nag-like oh. :)))" We really have this thought bubble at times, right?

Hmm, what’s my point here? Nothing. I just think people are becoming more narcissistic as time passes by. I, too, am a bit guilty of that. But at least, I think about what to post while being sensitive of what people will think, and while disregarding them, too. What? I mean, I think this is exactly the reason why there are so many platforms on in the internet to post anything you want to post. In my case, I rant on Twitter, I share on Facebook, I brag on Instagram, and I express on Tumblr.

Be aware of where you are on the internet. Be aware of what you post. Be aware of your audience. That’s the point of this post, I guess.

Be a moderate…narcissist.


If I happen to have contradicted to your beliefs and, in one way or another, hurt your feelings or step on your ego, I’m sorry. just consider this a thought of someone who has nothing else to do in life but express his thoughts on Tumblr.

13 in 2013. (Last Part)

13/13: JEDDAH

This is surely the biggest highlight of my 2013. It’s a combination of everything that I am wishing for: travel, work, money, friends, fun.

Just when I thought I would land in a job I am just forced to have because of the need to have a job, this opportunity came my along my path.

I worked as a Passenger Service Agent at the Hajj Terminal in KSA for its 2013 Hajj Operation.

Hajj: A pilgrimage that must me done by a Muslim at least once in his life by visiting Mecca/Makkah.

Because of the huge volume of pilgrims, Saudi Ground Services outsource temporary employees from countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I am blessed to be one of those Filipino temporary staff.

Came the day we started working, I became part of the team assigned at the Remote Area, the best place in the terminal. The poorest passengers are our passengers. The most unorganized airlines operate in our area. We were outside the air-conditioned part of the airport. Yes, it was the hottest area. We were teamed with lazy Indian staff.

Again, it’s the best place in the terminal. Not because of the negative things I have mentioned, but because I am with the happiest team ever. Team Remote is so much fun to be with. We’re all silly. We’re able to work under pressure. We had fun and forgot about the bad things in our area. We had a very funny “mudir”. We didn’t get “tips” but we gained friends.

This job at this place tested my patience. It was able to push me to my limits. I have never been into any fight in my life, may it be physical or oral arguments. Only in Jeddah, nakikipag-away talaga ako. Yes, I get into confrontations with passengers, Indian staffs, and even airline staffs. There, I didn’t let anyone just diss me.

By the way, while writing this, I can’t help but remember the good times we had at the airport. The laugh trips, foodtrips, sleepy moments, days of sickness, and all. Just, amazing. Some indecent “proposals” from random Arab people came to me, too. That’s scary. Really. Haha!

Anyway, after 30 consecutive days of working, our hard work has paid off, literally. We were all excited to buy the things we want for ourselves and as gifts to loved ones in the Philippines. We were also able to visit the Floating Mosque in the Red Sea, too. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to visit more places.

It was indeed a massive learning and working experience for me. Though I didn’t feel like working, actually. It may have been stressful at times, but I realized you won’t really feel the stress at the end of the day if you love what you are doing. :)

Bonus, our flight to Jeddah last October 6 was cancelled. Why bonus? because we were provided free Hotac (Hotel Accommodation)! :)

Bonus, it was a good paying job.

Bonus, I had gained so many good friends. The jamming nights.. Uh, I miss.

Bonus, Al Baik. Fried chicken only available in Jeddah. Haha.


13 in 2013. (Part 9)


After being away from the Philippines for 45 days and working for 12 hours a day for 30 straight days, I believed… I deserve a grand vacation.

After a few days of thinking, I have decided to join the planned weekend getaway of the amazing Jeddah boys to spend a weekend in Baguio and Pangasinan. I was actually thinking twice at first because I don’t really feel like spending an amount of money for a few days of leisure when I can use it for something more “important.” However, I thought that I deserve some fun after working my effin’ ass off.

To shorten the story, it was November 30 when we arrived in Baguio. It was so cool then, the wind’s just as cool as the air inside an air-conditioned bus. We went to SM Baguio, Burnham Park, Kubong Sawali, Mines View Park, Christmas Village, Purple and stayed overnight in a transient house (for free!) courtesy of a friend (of one of the Jeddah boys). Too bad we weren’t able to visit Camp John Hay, Teacher’s Camp, and some other sites due to limited time.

In the afternoon of our 2nd day, we went to Lingayen, Pangasinan and stayed in Kevin’s house. The next day, we went to Alaminos to visit the Hundred Islands.

That day’s a very memorable day for me. Well, FYI, I’m not a good swimmer. Not even a fan of extreme sports. I have fears of swimming in the sea and jumping off heights. Thanks to my friends, and to the Imelda cave in Marcos Island, I was pushed off my comfort zone, literally. I did cliff jumping and was forced to swim (because I had no choice) the seas of Alaminos. Snorkeling there was fun, too. I saw Nemo. I finally saw him. Haha!

Bonus, drinking sesh was as nightly ritual for us. Haha.

This vacation is by far the best vacation with friends that I’ve had in my life. It was too fun I can’t put all the details anymore thinking of what to put and what not to. :)


13 in 2013. (Part 8)

11/13: FRIENDS

"Friends are the family you choose."

This is a quote I learned to believe in. Friends have always been an awesome part of my life, and of anyone’s, I guess.

I am lucky enough to have amazing friends since high school and up to now.

IYLDP Friends.

Amazing people. They are my proof that true friends are not who you have spent the most time with, but those who are willing to spend time with you. It’s always fun to be with them, may it be for an Eat Bulaga! taping, a choral group’s send-off concert, a grand reunion, a birthday celebration, or even a wake of one’s family member.


My dear Royal Blooded Family. The first of the families I chose. We see each other less than my other group of friends, but when we see each other, it can only be nothing but good times, may it be for a birthday celebration, a party for a new CPA, my own birthday, or a simple dinner date and catching up with each other.

College friends.

They are the friends I may have known the shortest among all the circles, but are incomparably fun to be with. With them, I am the badass I have become that my other friends have never seen. Always a riot whenever we’re together, may it be for a despedida party, a birthday celebration, a visit to our alma mater, or a short but fun drinking sesh. Too bad many of them aren’t as free as I am and some are even abroad now that’s why we can’t see each other that much. I am happy, though, that most of us are having their own little success started now. :)

Jeddah boys.

They are the people I never knew I would get along with. All my life I’ve been closer to more female friends and never did I see myself getting friends with guys who are three times more badass as I am. Haha! They are proof that friendship isn’t measured by the length of time you have known each other. I’m actually looking forward to more good times and “gaguhan" moments with them.


Bonus? Nah. I couldn’t as for more than good times. :)